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Windows of Fantasy and Delight!

I have been doing quite a few window displays lately, I have so much fun pulling together a concept and sourcing items from all over town. It is great seeing what can be pulled together with limited time and funds; it pushes you to think outside the box. I always find it a great help to look to amazing windows from high-end department and fashions stores for inspiration. Just a hint from these beauties can lead to a whole window display with its own unique feel and look! Here are a few windows I have been looking at for a few future windows I am working on and few of my recent projects. 

all above Bergdorf Goodman


a few of my windows

Please check out my Pinterest board on windows, a collection of my best finds.

Line Drawings: Chairs

There is something in the simplicity of line drawings that really give a true reflection of an amazing and outstanding design. They show a design for what it is, its rawness and quality, there is no need for rendering of timber, metal, glass or textile just a simple silhouette is more than enough! These drawings of classic designs are as relevant today as when they were first conceived.  

Harry Bertoia

Eames Lounge


Barcelona Chair

Tulip Chair


Egg Chair

Eames Plywood

Le Corbusier

This collection of line drawings was found in House and Gardens complete guide to Interior Decorations 1981 Edition. I could not find the illustrator of these great works. 

Marvellous Malachite!

In this 1 x 10 we explore Malachite. What I have found shows the diversity of uses and our surprising love in replicating its colour and surface on all manner of things from fabrics, ceramics and furniture!
I am quite taken by the Faux Malachite Bar Cabinet, I have just the right place for it! I can just imagine making cocktails our of it, perhaps time to create a cocktail named the Malachite, I wonder what it would taste like?

Images from several sources; 1st Dibs, Alpha workshops, Pinterest and 5waystofabulous.
 You can just click on images to be taken to where images were found. 

Walls to Watch!

These walls command more than just bare surfaces for art, windows or sculpture to embellish, they are the star of the show. With it seems only a few masters of design to have the conviction, courage or sheer eccentricity to pull them off with full life and vigour! From gold peacock feather, mirror, hand painted, upholstered, lacquered and papered the list never ends, nor does the boundary pushing. I'm always excited to find a new treatment for the walls that create our homes! Look at these amazing spaces where are star is not at all dull some of my favourite rule breakers  found bellow include Mr Redd and Miss Wearstler. 

Kelly Wearstler

Ashley Whittaker

Nate Berkus

Miles Redd

Kelly Wearstler

Miles Redd

Miles Redd

Miles Redd

Peter Rogers

Please check out my Pinterest board on walls, a collection of my best finds.

1 x 10 Antlers

1 x 10 will be a series where I will highlight a medium, style, look and just things that I am taken by and share my 10 best finds. It should be fun and I am looking forward to sharing items that inspire me in my creative process! 

My first post will be looking at Antler décor. I think every room needs a bit of animal in it, if it be real animal or fake it can really take a room to the next level, and who does not love leopard velvet or a zebra rug?

I have been amazed by just the different pieces I have found featuring antlers, chair and chandeliers were not ground breaking, but an etagere and mirror were surprising! These are my finds. 

All of these images are from 1st Dibs, click on images to be taken to original listings. I also have a pinterest page on Antler Style if you feel like more! 

Back on board and all connected!

It has been far too long since my last entry, the past year has been a whirlwind with projects! Photo shoot styling, home decorating, window displaying just to mention a few! I will share what has been going on here in the land of Mr Jacka once again, and to keep it all happening I am now all connected with facebookinstagram, twitter and pinterest to keep in check!


To get rebooted here are some watercolours I have done recently, my first attempt at watercolour. It has been challenging, but lots of fun learning a new things and I'm so happy with how they are looking!

New Zealand Here We Come!

It's just a few months now, and so much has happened in the land of Mr Jacka! The people of New Zealand now are lucky enough to have a fantastic new fabric showroom with many amazing brands, one of which is mine! Please contact Designer Candy for complete access to my range!

The Pleasure of flowers

A good friend of mine found David Hicks’s Book on flower arranging ‘The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging’, one day when we were going through our usual second-hand gold mines and that day she really did strike GOLD!

It is to Hicks testament that his designs, of all kinds interiors, fabrics, flowers are still as relevant today as the day they were designed for, his work shows that if we stay to good design principles we can create design that is truly timeless.

Looking through this book it is a pleasure to be inspired by the simple and classic approach to flower arranging. Full and colour block arrangements, spars and architectural designs, single stems, collections of different flowers all of which hold their own so many years on and will continue to.

David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging 1976


The power of a single piece of furniture can sometimes be frightening. Colour, shape, finish, size and style and make or break a room.

However the power of a piece of furniture that does not cry for attention and can almost be invisible can add so much to a space. Its invisibility is its greatest power, it never cry’s for attention, giving other pieces the chance to shine, whilst still holding its own. Lucite furniture gives a room a chance to breath and flow without interruption

Images: 1&4 Better Homes & Gardens, New Decorating Book US 1981, 2 ELLE DECOR - Claiborne Swanson Frank, 3 ELLE DECOR - Suzanne Rheinstein, Image 5, Gabriel Jacka - Cushions Moroka Tully Green


When working on new designs the importance of the past is so valuable, weather it is to see what has happened, to be inspired or to find something forgotten!

Old history books on any subject matter have endless amounts of ideas between their pages! I found this book “A Hand Book of Greek Art, By G.M.A.Richter 1965”, some time ago and I have found endless inspiration from its pages. It is interesting seeing the patterns and shapes that are still so relevant, but the best part is seeing something that has been forgotten about and having the opportunity to bring the past back!

A Hand Book of Greek Art - G.M.A.Richter 1965 - 4th e


Earlier this year, long before this blog was a reality, one of my fabrics was featured at Design + Decoration, ‘A Little Bit of Sunshine’ exhibition.

Mirboo in Gigi Blue was used to cover a sun lounger. At the time it was the middle of winter, and as summer days are coming, I thought it was the perfect time to show this fabric off!


My first project at design school was to create pattern and motif, for this our teacher put a pile of odd shoes on the table and asked us to draw inspiration from this. At first the we all sat there a bit unsure of how to do this as odd shoes seamed like an odd choice, but now I see this as one of the best lessons as it was to teach us that you can find inspiration in anything!

These botanicals are no exception, and I will never end to find them inspiring! (A little easer then odd shoes!)This is a collection of Australian natives; I just love the shapes and how they are all so unique.

All images Michael Morcombe, Australia's Wildflowers, 1970.

African dreaming

I first became fascinated by Africa when I was a young child. My Grandfather had been on an adventure to Africa in the 1970s and brought back artefacts such as, hides, mounted horns, ceramics and all kinds of interesting items that captivated my imagination.

 I was fortunate enough to go to Africa a few years ago, the people, animals, colour and sounds, have provided me with endless inspiration! These images are from a book I found in a second hand shop, Africa a Continent Revealed - Rene Rordon, I think they give a great account of the amazing place that is Africa, and the Africa that my grandfather experienced.

All Images - Africa a Continent Revealed 1980 - Rene Rordon

Moroka Gigi Blue

These chairs had seen much better days! But with a coat of gloss paint and some fresh upholstery,

(Gabriel Jacka, Moroka, Gigi Blue) they have a new life!


Smell is one of the most personal things and what you smell like can be the something, which can say so much about you. When looking for a perfume it can be all to easy to just buy the brand or the bottle, even the price tag, but all of this means nothing if the contents is less then flattering. So take some time and a friend who always smells amazing and go searching! These are some of my favourites!

Image 1: Tom Ford, Grey Vetiver Image 2: Hermes, Orange Verte Image
3: Prada, Pour Homme Image 4: Victor & Rolf, Antidote Image 5: Yves Saint Laurent, L'Homme

Baromi Poplar Yellow

I have just had a delivery from my workroom, so there are some great new things to share! Some amazing box cushions in Baromi Poplar Yellow for a set of vintage cane chairs!  


Mustard, Yellow, Gold & Blonde...

The more I look the more I see! I’m not one for trends, but sometimes a colour, piece or treatment keeps appearing! All of the shades of yellow are one such thing. I have put together a little collection of interiors from books and magazines old and new, to showcase this warm, lush and vibrant colour!

Image 1 & 5: James Mortimer-WOI May 1986,
 Image 2: Better Homes & Gardens / New DecoratingBbook/ US 1981-8,
Image 3: Jonathan Adler, Image 4 & 7: Billy Cunningham- AD March 1991, Image 6: Kelly Wearstler

The Stylist’s Art

I am always looking through old magazines, for many reasons…inspiration, room layouts, colour, pattern the list keeps going on! One of the places I find the most inspiring are photo shoots where stylists have run all over town to put together an amazing collection of items which sing together. This collection of images is a perfect example of the stylist’s art!

All Images: The Would of Interiors May 1986

Styled by Ilsa Crawford & Nicolette Le Pelley. Photos by Bill Batten


I was looking through a book I found, lost in a pile at a second hand shop, Gina Lollobrigida’s ITALIA MIA, and was captured by the scooters that graced the pages. With Vespers flying around your hometown they are still a great mode of transport and so classic and stylish!

All images: ITALIA MIA by Gina Lollobrigida 1972


One thing that has changed but stayed ever so relevant has been the ability to capture and carry time with us. These devices have changed from pocket to wrist and back to pocket, but we all carry one in some shape or another. These objects have also been a great way to express one’s personality, whether through colour, shape or style,. We have been able to express something about ourselves, whether it be true or not! Here are some of the most out standing examples!

Image 1: Mondaine Swiss Railways Watch, Image 2: Anon, Image 3: Lexon, Image

4: Normal Watch White by Ross McBride, Image 5: Anon

Greek key

There are few patterns that have lasted as long. This is one of the most timeless designs of history and it still stands up today! No matter what it embellishes when it bears  a Greek Key it is simply stylish!

Image 1 - Anonymous , Image 2 - via House Beautiful

Image 3 - Wedgwood - Dynasty, Image 4 - Lucite Table - Allan Knight

Gold and Fish

As a young kid we always had goldfish - I found these little creatures fascinating and have been drawn to the amazing colours and shapes when working on designs. I find it amazing how something so small can have so much life, colour and movement.


Old and Forgotten Books

Books are one of those things that you will have for life! I’m always so excited when I find a great new book, but I must say there is something about finding a book that has been forgotten about. These images are from some of my best finds.

Image 1 : Better Homes & Gardens / New Decorating Book/ US 1981
Image 2 & 3: How to Decorate Without a Decorator 1977


I am a Textile Designer based in Melbourne, Australia.


I have my own line of Interiors Textiles, which are hand screen printed in Melbourne and sold all over the world.


I hope to bring new and exciting content to the world of blog's and share the things that inspire me and make me think! Interiors, books, art being just a few, from all times and places.


I hope you take pleasure in my thoughts and can be inspired by what inspires me!



Gabriel Jacka




This is a photo of a pair of vintage chairs upholstered in one of my fabrics, Mitta Mitta in Tiki Orange.


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